German technology, the continuation of performance car design concept and process;

In many automobile manufacturers and modified brand competition, Repoes exhaust system can be developed so far, the growing market in a space for one person to occupy the important modification in the world, the design concept is to rely on innovation and makes perfect the production process.


Repose is a professional auto exhaust brand in the world, dedicating in professional modification on Audi, Benz, BMW and VW cars. Repose develops products best fitting each model aiming on the exhaust characteristics and performance demands of each model of these four brands. This kind of persistence makes a more perfect combination of Repose exhaust system and engine characteristics, as well as endows each vehicle with Repose exhaust system with super controllability and soundready for roaring.


refers to advanced Turbo in auto, i.e. turbo charging technique for engine. Therefore, what called T time means the auto industry has enter time adopting turbo charging technique for engine entirely. Repose relies on its exquisite exhaust technique. Exhausting debugging aiming on turbo charging technical models, especially, opens a unique time belonging to Repose, maintaining its leading position in auto exhaust market.


Repose adopts stainless steel with supreme grade (SUS304). SUS304 stainless steel pipe is in German grade. It has good stainless decay resistance and relatively good anti-intergranular corrosion performance which can ensure service life of the product, thus fulfill the purpose of better power lift.


The adoption of imported CNC bending equipment can create perfect effect, making the exhaust pipes smooth and natural with outstanding effect. Then fine scale welding and fancy surface polishing treatment method endow the products with outstanding grade.

Installation on original location

Repose exhaust system adopts technique of installation on original location, which is simple with strict installation positions, thus reduce damage to the car body to the most while enhancing performance.


Artisans in Repose possess exquisite manual skills. The pure handmade products endows exhaustsof Ra and Rb extended fine technical concept of Germany from middle section to tail section of exhausting, providing two optional exhaust sounds.

Ra modified exhaust series of Repose have pure sound in simple and honest type. When the engine is in full-speed operation, it will release sound in high frequency. This kind of voice is relatively sincere and plump without shrillness. This kind of exhaust pipes can promote exhaust voice of the car efficiently and make the exhaust more smooth, as well as making the riding on the road cooler.

Rb modified exhaust series of Repose has a relatively low profile. Its voice is lowering and vigorous, which will not cause disturbance to the residents. This exhaust pipe can control exhaust pressure and promote car power efficiently. Moreover, this kind of exhaust pipe can release voice like deep warning of wild beasts before attacking.

Repose selects the most sexy sports car sound according to performance characteristics of each model. The Ra and Rb series can satisfy performance and sound orientation demands of different clients. Moreover, exhaust products of Repose emphasizes exhaust emission, and their exhaust sound complies with international discharging criteria.