Repose an exhaust system technology from Germany brand, was founded in 1995 by a love of racing team, threw research exhaust retrofit technology, founder Robin,founded the philosophy is "Enjoy The Dynamic Technology".

Robin and his team early active in Europe and internationally F1 race, especially proficient in the four-stroke race motorcycle modification and adjust. Repose is still keen to participate in racing activities, such as the U.S. Time Attack, Formula D, the Macau Grand Prix and so on.Repose establish R & D center in Munich, Germany, in 18 years, engineers continue to study, making Repose success as the industry leader in the exhaust pipe is completely virtue founder Robin subversion of modified forms of industry and innovation.

One focusing on the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen four brands of professional auto exhaust modifications, Repose for these four brands each model exhaust characteristics and performance requirements, to develop the most suitable for each model works,such insisted, so Repose exhaust system with engine characteristics, has a more perfect union. Also allows each vehicle exhaust system installed Repose can have        high handling performance and wait roaring noise.